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What You Will Learn

Our tutorials are taught in such a way that pretty much anyone should understand. We believe that knowing the CONCEPTS is more important than the technical numbers and mumbo jumbo.


Portraits, Landscapes, Action, Abstract: each photo type requires a different style... sense of emotion and motion. Balancing color, the objects in a scene and lighting just touch on what you'll learn.

Your Camera

Conquer the mysteries that are held within that magic box. Learn how to use ISO, F-Stops, Shutter Speeds and other important functions and why they matter when you finally take control of your photos.

Image Editing

Become a Photoshop and Lightroom master and turn lifeless images into works of art. Layers, Masking and Selecting and are just a few of the tools that will take your skills up several notches.

Aloha Bob's Story

Aloha Bob's Story

I'm Aloha Bob Moffa, the guy in the Hawaiian shirt, and I'm here to help you learn photography in a fun, casual way. Together we'll explore the techniques and technicalities of great picture taking, editing, and even displaying. Whether you're here to improve your skills, or a complete beginner, you'll find my easy-to-understand, laid back approach keeps the learning experience positive and engaging. All you need is a camera (we spend most of our time with a DSLR here) and some creative spirit. I'll show you how to experiment with both to get the beautiful results you want.

My videos will teach you:

  • Camera operation (Oh, so THAT's what that button does!)
  • Composition for increased visual interest
  • Portraiture
  • Landscape photography
  • Food photography
  • Product photography
  • Photographing you children - in a way they can enjoy, too.
  • Holiday photography
  • Natural and artificial lighting methods
  • Various camera settings and shooting modes for high-quality shots
  • Flexibility in both how you take your pictures, and how you see your surroundings
  • Inexpensive mounting/displaying alternatives for your prints

If it sounds like you've come to the right place, pick up your camera, pick a project, and let's make some wonderful art.

Our Team

Just a few of the people that make Photographers Clubhouse happen.

What are you waiting for? Some classes are only $1. Others are free. Push the button already :)